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It’s Finally Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It’s blowy, snowy and cold out there right now!

Yes, I may have been complaining too much about the temperature since being here, I’ll admit it! It’s not even the outside temperature that get’s me…it’s the inside! 21C (71F for all you Americans!) is colder than what I normally think is too cold in Haiti. My fingers and toes are in a constant state of frozen! But those of you who have known me in Canada, know I’m a big wimp when it comes to cold!!

Anyways, I’m loving the snow! It was snowless here until maybe 2 days ago, and now the big storm tonight should bring in all the snow I’ll need to feel in the Christmas spirit! Funny how I was more into singing Christmas songs in Haiti than I have been in Canada.

I was expecting to feel some little bit of culture shock coming back from Haiti, but I can honestly say I haven’t. We’ve even gone to the mall and the grocery store. Now, when I say culture shock I’m referring to the way I tend to get all negative and mopey about the divide between the rich and the poor. I have had positive culture shock, like being amazed at the way the fruit and vegetables at the grocery store are so clean and organized, and while you are choosing any kind of fruit and veggie you can dream of, you aren’t stepping in streams of black muck or having people yell at you because they want you to buy from their stand! What a nice place! I could spend all day there!!

Perhaps I will feel some negative things before we leave, but right now I seem to have stuck Haiti and Canada in completely separate boxes in my head, with no connecting wires or pathways. Like I love driving in Canada and I hate driving in Haiti. I stand out like a sore thumb in Haiti, and no one even looks at me in Canada (I’m referring to strangers…don’t worry, my friends look at me 🙂 ). It’s just the way it is.

I was worried before coming to Canada that this vacation would be more stressful than enjoyable because I would be so mopey about the injustices of the world, but it has been quite a pleasure! Maybe we’ve found a balance between being undeniably North American but concerned for the poor. We can’t deny where we come from…that would be a help to no one.

We are Canadian. We care about justice for the poor. Because of where we come from we have access to many wonderful things (food, shelter, health care, employment, material possessions that add to our quality of life) and the means to get them. We work with people who have very, very limited access to things (as mention above), with little means to get them. 

We desire to use the access and means we have to help those without to live better lives.

Who’s with me?

In the mean time, here’s a few cute pictures of our niece and nephew!

Baby Callum

Baby Callum



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Happy Christmas-y Thoughts

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook can tell I’m getting just a little excited about going to Canada for Christmas…we both are! We’re at: 3 more days in Haiti, and 5 more days until we arrive in the land of cold and snow!

To be honest, I’ve never really gotten that excited about Christmas, at least as an adult. I find the gift giving part awkward. I mean, I love opening gifts, but I suck at choosing the perfect gift for people so I get so stressed out. And then there are the people that you’re not sure if you should even get them a gift, ‘Are they getting me a gift?’, then you don’t get them anything and they get you something and you feel like a jerk! PLUS I’ve always had this tension about not needing more stuff; perhaps our money would be better spent helping people in need…

But this year is a whole-nother story. Brent has said to me a few times…”Wow, you really love Christmas this year!”

I think it’s the mix of missing family and friends so much, missing good food, a new niece or nephew (**cough** nephew), among other things that is putting me in the Christmas spirit. After all Christmas is about family (and who am I trying to fool…food too)!

I’m spending the last couple days getting everything ready to leave. Getting final work things done, packing, buying gifts, using up all our perishable food, cleaning and doing laundry so we don’t have a RIDICULOUS pile of clothes…like we did. On that note, let me tell you that all of our clothes got super mouldy. I guess our bedroom is damp. So clean clothes, dirty clothes, and other random objects…all mouldy. So that was my main motivation for washing all my clothes…which I didn’t have to do by hand thankfully!! But I did spend 5 hours today doing it at Kristen and Teri’s house!

Anyways, tomorrow I’m going to try to take a lot more pictures so that we have a fresh batch of photos to show everyone when we come home!! Brent has already taken a bunch! And Saturday we’re going to celebrate my birthday (a day early since we’ll be busing over to the DR on my birthday) by going to the beach and then out for dinner! YAY!

Than we’re off to the DR for 2-ish days, visiting our dear friends Rachel and Gideon. And then we fly home Tuesday!

One last note, and then I’m done. You may have noticed that we changed the look of our blog…again! Sorry for the change-up, but you might be able to tell by my personality that I like change. I get bored easily with the same thing! Hopefully this one sticks!