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Life After Haiti – And a Little Bit About Risk…

on January 28, 2015

The last time we wrote on this blog was back in May when we were saying goodbye to Haiti. A lot has happened since then. We took a couple of months off in the summer and then did a 5 month School of Ministry in Toronto, which included 3 weeks in Iceland where we preached and led worship.

When coming back from Haiti it was very surreal, but not only coming back to Barrie, but finding out how much everyone else’s lives had changed. People had moved, got married, had kids, bought houses and in a lot of ways we were coming back to less than what we started with. Our things had been in boxes for years, we had no jobs, our friends were scattered all over. It was weird. Not to mention that we had been through a lot in Haiti emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We decided to go to school and be older than almost all of the students and married, in Toronto (I really didn’t want to be in Toronto). This was a risk but we really felt led by God to do this (it wasn’t cheap either, especially for returning missionaries who hadn’t had real jobs in 3 years). The truth is that this school has changed us. I would argue that it changed me and matured me even more than working in Haiti did.

I wanted to write about the joy of living in risk.

We have not lived a normal life in the last few years.

We started a normal life. Went to college. Got married. Got an apartment.

Then we decided that a life at it’s fullness is a life of obedience and risk. We quit our jobs, moved to Haiti and loved it. We came back, chose not to go back into life’s dragging stream of work and money right away and rested and enjoyed simply being together and with friends.

Then school was just another step in high risk – high reward. God has directed our journey and it has been so much better than anything else. We are so thankful for each experience God has given us. We have matured so much, grown so much, seen so much, given so much.

And we are going to continue doing it!

Our next step is that we are moving back to Barrie on Friday. We are going to be helping plant a church with an amazing couple and Catch the Fire. Letitia is going back to finish her degree. And we are going to be looking for jobs (praying to find these quickly). It is scary because though it is old – going back to Barrie – it feels unknown and weird.

This is our plan for this season. We are excited about the unknown of our future. We are excited that we don’t have to plan our entire life out. We just need to listen to God and be obedient when He calls. This can feel risky. But God never fails and I choose to trust in Him rather than myself, any comfortable plans, or anyone else for that matter.

One thing I definitely learnt during school and in Haiti is that living in fear will snuff out your dreams. Go big and be risky or live small.

– Brent

Oh… and here are a few pics of our time in Iceland. Leading worship, preaching, sight seeing.


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4 responses to “Life After Haiti – And a Little Bit About Risk…

  1. Karin says:

    “Normal” is what you make it…any socially constructed normal can be deconstructed and recreated into a new Normal, one that suits you. You are doing exactly that…and yes, it takes guts. I am glad you both have them and applaud you for it. Glad to know you safely back in the country too. xxx

  2. Nicole says:

    Solid!. So glad Jesus has done some wonderful stretching and growing in you both . Excited and thankful to be brought along on your journey.Thasks for sharing.
    Lots of love and prayer 🙂

  3. Mary Lou Bertram says:

    So very pleased for you both, for your growth in the Lord, for your journey, it makes me wish I was younger. Let me know when you get settled, when your church starts, go for it, God is leading, follow where ever He leads you both, blessings, Mary Lou and Fred

  4. Diana Witbeck says:

    Good to hear from you guys again and hear what exciting path the Lord has you on now. I heard recently how a lot of people sit in their ‘armchair’ waiting to hear from God as to what His will is for their life. This isn’t how you do it!! You get moving and if the Lord wants you to go that ‘way’, He’ll open that door and if it’s not His will, then He’ll close that door. That’s precisely what you two are doing!! On the move again!! Good for you, Brent and Letitia!! God bless you both!

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